Club Minutes

                         February 13, 2014


This meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Club Vice President Jim Morrison, AJ4XK followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and the invocation.



The meeting was conducted by Jim, AJ4XK. There were 18 members and one guest present.


Secretary Report:

January minutes were posted on the W4AAZ.ORG website.  There were no changes made to the January minutes.  Bob, W6VVA made a motion to accept the minutes as posted, 2nd Mike, KJ4FNA and approved by membership.


Treasurer Report:

Mark, KA5NDH provided the treasurer’s report.  Mark passed out a balance sheet listing expenses, income, and current balance. The NOARC fixed yearly costs amounted to just over $600.00. These yearly costs include insurance, corporation fee, website fee, and annual one month electric bill for Dorcas Fire Station (Club station site).  There was a long discussion about funding and annual dues.  The current dues of $20.00 remains unchanged.  Some members felt donations of equipment, supplies, or time spent on Club improvements may be used in place of club dues.  After much discussion it was felt because of fixed costs each member needs to pay the $20.00 annual dues.  A suggestion was made to establish a Club improvement or Building Fund to handle donations of time, equipment, supplies and/or funds and keep the dues separate. This was considered a good idea but no motion was made.   Cal, W4GMH has been unable to arrange a time for him, the Fire Chief and Bookkeeper to meet and discuss a fair one month electric bill.  Mike, KJ4FNA made a motion to accept the treasures report, 2nd by Steve, N4GXX and approved by the membership.


Repeater Report:

Steve, N4GXX reported the repeater was down several times during the recent ice storm. This was caused by the back-up generator going down and not the repeater equipment.  There was a discussion of battery back-up for the repeater.  At this time there is no funding approved to purchase batteries/back-up system.  The repeater will continue to rely of the host system back-up generator.


Station Report:

Daniel, KK4VAX  Club Custodian, said the club station is working and nothing to report. 


Training Report:

Ron K5FIR said a General Class is being planned but no date has been set.  Please contact Ron at if you have any questions, concerns or comments about training.


Website Report:

Phil, N6COP was not in attendance but the Website is all up to date and no reported problems.


SYSOP Report:


 None given


ARES Report:

Tony, AK4ZI said nothing to report.


Activities Report:

Cal, W4GMH said on Saturday, March 29, 2014, NOARC will be assisting the 10th annual Blackwater, Bluegrass, and BBQ Cook off (Triple B) held in downtown Crestview on the 29th of March from 10am to 6pm.  Communication assistance will be needed from 7am to 10am during set-up.  Volunteers can contact Ron,  Cal said there will be an antenna party on Saturday 15 February at WAAZ radio station tower site, 506 West First Street, Crestview.  This will be a 160 meter antenna erected temporarily for an upcoming 160 meter contest.  All are encouraged to attend at 1300 on Saturday the 15th of February.  Bob, W6VVA, suggested a FOX hunt be organized and asked for volunteers.  Bob also suggested a FOX hunt antenna building event.  No date has been set for the FOX hunt or antenna building.


Old Business: 

Mike, KK4KRZ announced proposed changes to the Club by-laws.  In summary they are:


1.(Add) The president will appoint a selection committee at the November meeting.  This selection committee will propose a slate of officers at the December meeting.  Members wishing to be considered for an officer position may contact a current officer or a member of the selection committee.


2.(Change) Section 8. By adding “including dues” at the end of the first sentence.


3.(Rewrite)  The treasure’s report to say “Monthly report given orally and once a year provide a written balance sheet listing income, expenses, and balance.”


4.(Remove) The club repeater responsibilities from the Club Custodian.


5.(Add) Newly licensed Hams have the option of free membership for one year from the date of their first Ham ticket.  New Hams must complete a membership form and show the club treasures their ticket to establish this date.


6.(Identify club positions, responsibilities, and duties in one section.  Member may hold more than one position.) Proposed club positions are;


Club Officers and Corporate Board Members

a. President

b. Vice President

c. Treasure

d. Secretary

e. Activity Chairman

f. Registered Agent


Other positions

g. Repeater

h. Training

i. Custodian

j. Librarian

k. Historian

l. Station Manager



o. Web Manager


A detailed list of changes will be listed in the newsletter.  Each change will be considered and voted on separately.  No changes, to the by-laws, will be made until approved by the membership.


New Business:

The Playground Area Radio Club, PARC, will have their Hamfest on 14th and 15th of March at the Fort Walton Beach Fair Grounds on Lewis Turner Blvd.  The times are Friday 14th March from 5pm to 9pm and Saturday the 15th from 8am to 3pm.  The cost for entry is $6.00.  Cal made a motion for NOARC to reserve a table for $12.00 at the PARC Hamfest, 2nd by Mike, KK4KRZ and approved by the membership.  Cal, W4GMH requested members donate items for the NOARC table as a way to earn money for the club.  Donations can be brought to the next meeting or by contacting CAL, W4GMH at  Bob, W6VVA asked everyone to go through their equipment, supplies, and amateur related materials for items to donate.   Equipment that is not working may be fixable by a club member.  Working items bring higher prices. Volunteers are also needed to man the table.


Motion to adjourn was made by Glenn K4GAG, 2nd by Steve, N4GXX and carried unanimously with no opposing votes.


Submitted by Mike Martell, KK4KRZ



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