Club Minutes

                     April 11, 2013


This meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Club President Bob, N4CU followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and the invocation. 



The meeting was conducted by Club President Bob, N4CU. There were 14 members present.


Secretary Report:

March minutes were posted on the W4AAZ.ORG website. A motion was made to accept the minutes by Dave, WB4EWS as posted. The motion was seconded by Glenn, K4GAG and carried unanimously by a show of hands to accept the motion with no opposing votes.


Treasurer Report:

The Treasurer report was presented by Dave, WB4EWS and approved by the membership.


Repeater Report:

Steve, N4GXX reported the repeater was functioning.  The latest test shows an output of 36 watts to the feed line going up the tower.


Station Report:

Station currently under renovation (See activities report).


Training Report:

Ron, KI5FR reported 5 personnel from the March Technician Class had passed their technician exam and are awaiting their call signs.  Also reported was interest from the local REACT group to obtain amateur licenses.


Website Report:

Phil, N6COP reported the Website is working with no problems.


SYSOP Report:

None given.


ARES Report:

Bob, N4CU announced that Jerry Reaves, N8PXE is resigning as Emergency Coordinator for Okaloosa County and a replacement is needed.


Activities Report:

Cal, W4GMH described recently completed work on the new station. Cal showed three wooden cabinets that where constructed and placed along the back and side walls of the station room. Each cabinet will have a drop down desk with capability of two operators for each cabinet allowing up to six operators to man the station. 


Cal showed where power and antennas will enter the station and go to each cabinet.   The radios will slide toward the operator once the cabinets are open. Computers will be on a shelf above. The cabinets will have storage for manuals and be equipped with cooling fans. All three cabinets can be closed and looked when not in use. Also power and antennas can be disconnected when not in use. Cal asked for assistance in building the metal locking bars for the cabinets.


Cal asked for volunteers to clear brush and trees from a 20 foot deep strip along the station property line. Volunteers are to meet on Saturday April 13th, at 7:30 a.m. and bring chainsaws for cutting brush. Final antenna pole placement will not be completed until the clearing has been done.


Upcoming Activity:


4 May

Earth day will be held in Crestview, FL. NOARC would like to set up an all solar powered station. Inquires will be made for the use of a solar powered van to set up the radio station. Volunteers are needed.


Old Business:



New Business:

Bob, N4CU announced the North Okaloosa Amateur Radio Club had taken 2nd place in the Florida QSO party (Multi-Multi Mixed Mode).


Ron, KI5FR gave an update on upcoming Field Day.  A survey will be sent via email to all NOARC members and posted on the website.  The survey will ask for comments and suggestions on the type and organization of NOARC Field Day activities.


Bob, W5RE said there will be a Radio Amateur luncheon on Wednesday, the 17th of April, at 11:30 a.m., at Ryan’s restaurant in Pace, Florida. This luncheon happens the third Wednesday of every month (locations vary). All are invited.  


A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Mike, KJ4FNA and seconded by Steve, N4GXX due to a storm in the area. The motion was carried unanimously with no opposing votes at 7:36 p.m.


Submitted by Mike, KK4KRZ


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