Club Minutes

                     November 8, 2012


This meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Club President Bob, N4CU followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and the invocation. 



The meeting was conducted by Club President Bob, N4CU. There were 14 members present.


Secretary Report:

October minutes were posted on the W4AAZ.ORG website.  A motion was made to accept the minutes by Mike, KJ4FNA. The motion was seconded by Steve, KJ4RWD and carried unanimously by a show of hands to accept the motion with no opposing votes.


Treasurer Report:

The Treasurer report was presented by Bob, N4CU.


Repeater Report:

The repeater report was presented by Steve, N4GXX.  The repeater is working.


Station Report:

Richard, KE4BFX reported the station is working.  Cal, W4GMH reported we can get 50’ utility poles from CHELCO.  However, we need to find a way to get them to the club site.  These poles would be used to string antennas.  


Training Report:

Ron, KI5FR reported on a training class at the Navarre Fire Station on Sat. 1 Dec at 9:00AM.  In addition, Ron checked with the library about the possibility of donating an ARRL Library pack of books to the library.  The Library agreed.  Ron looked to assemble the funding from the general membership without requesting club funds.  The total cost is $200.


D-STAR Report:

N4GXX Reported participation is falling off for the Saturday night D-Star Instructional Net.  He is looking to get more topics and publicize it better.


Website Report:

The website report was presented by Phil, N6COP who confirmed the website was working.  The website was renewed in July 2012. 


ARES Report:

The ARES report was presented by Jerry, N8PXE.  Looking to get more Net Control Stations (NCS) for the Monday night 8:30 ARES net.


Activities Report:

The Activities report was presented by Chayne, KI4WBN and Cal, W4GMH.


Activities Complete:

27 Oct (Sat) – Fall Festival.

NOARC’s participation in the Fall Festival was an outstanding success.  Cal, W4GMH reported NOARC Hams received significant praise from the Main Street Crestview Association. A total of 9 Hams participated.


Alex, KC7MEX; Jim, AJ4XK; Chayne, KI4WBN; Jon, KI4UNT; Bob, N4CU; Dave, WB4EWS; and Ron, KI5FR.    Steve, N4GXX provided significant technical expertise, and Cal, W4GMH was there in his role with the Main Street Association, but also lent a hand in the Ham activities.


3 Nov (Sat) – The Race For Lace, the Cystic Fibrosis 5K, was also a success.  The event was well run so the NOARC’s primary activity was monitoring the participants passing the 2 railroad crossings on the race route.  This allowed the trains to start running through town.  A total 4 Hams and 2 future Hams participated.


Mike, KJ4FNA; Steve, KJ4RWD; Bob, N4CU; and Ron, KI5FR.  Jim (taking test Sat 10 Nov) and Lauren, KI5FR’s harmonics were also there to assist.


Upcoming possible activities:

10 Nov (Sat) – Veteran’s Day Parade 8-10 hams 8:30am – 10:00am

1 Dec (Sat) – Crestview Christmas Parade 10 – 14 Hams setup at 3:00pm


Cal, W4GMH will send out email for volunteers.

21 Dec  – Tri-Club Okaloosa County Ham Christmas Party


Old Business:



New Business:


A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Mike, KJ4FNA, seconded by Bob, W5RE and carried unanimously to accept the motion with no opposing votes.


Submitted by Ron Mahn, KI5FR



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