Club Minutes

                     July 14, 2011


This meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by club President Bob N4CU, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and the invocation.



The meeting was conducted by Club President Bob N4CU.  There were 20 members present.


Secretary Report:

Minutes for the June meeting were posted on the website.  A motion to accept the minutes as posted was made by Bob KI4MEU. The motion was seconded and carried unanimously by a show of hands to accept the motion with no opposing votes.


Treasurer Report

The treasurer report was presented by Bob KI4MEU.  A motion to accept the report as read was made by Sharon KJ4TPQ and seconded.  The motion carried unanimously by a show of hands to accept the motion with no opposing votes.


Repeater Report:

The repeater report was presented by Jim N4NID.  We still have strobe noise in the 2 meter range. Several things have been done with little change.  Everything else is operational.



No Report.


Training Report:

The training report was presented by Ron KI5FR.  Training has been conducted with the new training material.  A practice test was provided to attendees.  Results showed that there were a large number of test questions that were not covered in the new material.  Therefore, training methods will change better preparing those wishing to become Hams.


Website Report:

There was no website report presented.  


ARES Report:

The ARES report was reported by Bob N4CU.  A few years back the Health Department had several of its employees train and test to become Hams.  It’s been noticed since that these Hams are not heard on any radios even though radios were provided for them to operate with including training.  Jim N4NID suggested that a standard brochure be generated to hand to all new Hams with frequencies and channels along with standardized training for these folks so they know how to operate radios.  It’s one thing to pass the exam, but another to operate efficiently.  This suggestion is being looked into.


Bob N4CU also wants to conduct a SET for shelter operators.  This needs to be coordinated with the school principals.



Activities Report:

22-23 July 2011, Milton Ham Fest, Milton Fl.

1-2 October 2011, SET

15-16 October 2011 (Provided Scouts wish to participate)


Old Business:

The A/C in the fire station has not been working for some time. There was a brief discussion about it in the previous meeting. Cal W4GMH, had noted that the A/C had still not been fixed. He then made a motion for NOARC to pay for the A/C repair, if needed, at a reasonable cost of up to $300. After some discussion, the president Bob N4CU was directed to contact Richard W4RLR and Jerry N8PXE to find out the status and for a decision to be made within the next 48 hours. The motion was seconded by Dave WB4EWS and passed unanimously.


Old/New Business:

No business


Bob N4CU made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  The motion was seconded and carried unanimously by a show of hands with no opposing votes.


Submitted by Mike KJ4FNA, Secretary


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