Club Minutes

September 9, 2010


This meeting was called to order by Club President Bob N4CU followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and the invocation.



The meeting was conducted by Club President Bob N4CU. There were 16 members present.


Secretary Report:

Minutes for the August meeting were posted on the website. A motion to accept the minutes as posted was made by Richard KE4BFX. The motion was seconded and carried unanimously by a show of hands to accept the motion with no opposing votes.


Treasurer Report

The treasurer’s report was not presented.  Cal W4GMH made a motion to contribute $150 to the Dorcas FD as a goodwill gesture for the use of the fire hall.  After some discussion, Ron KI5FR, suggested we should also hold open the possibility that, if further knowledge of their utility expenses becomes known, we may want to amend the figure higher.  A motion for this payment was made by Richard KE4BFX, and carried unanimously by show of hands.


Repeater Report:

Steve N4GXX reported the DB-24 antenna for VHF D-Star has a 2:1 SWR and the power has been set to 3 watts to protect the transmitter.  Testing with a TDR suggests the problem is 253 ft. into the system, which places it at the top of the tower and suggests the problem is either with the reducer, the jumper or the antenna itself.  It is likely someone will have to climb to that point to assist with troubleshooting.  Phil N6COP reports that the D-Star Gateway is now operational - even though the repeater directory page for K4FWB (at does not yet indicate such.  There was also discussion about the Enterprise repeater on the same frequency pair.  For now a wait and see approach is being taken.  However, it was discussed that later - if needed - the two could be moved slightly away from each other and remain within the same analog slot.  


Training Report:

Ron KI5FR had nothing to report.  Scott AC5LT will be starting a Morse code class To Be Announced (TBA) at a later date.


Website Report:

Phil N6COP, reports no problems with the  The Okaloosa Digital Operators Group, ODOG website has been created at and contains local DSTAR topics and contact information.



No Report


ARES Report:

Bob N4CU reported on the discussions at the Tabletop exercise.  Topics mostly covered message formats and Red Cross concerns/expectations.  The Oct. 2-3 Simulated Emergency Test (SET) scenario will be a Hurricane landfall in Pensacola with storm passage in the Alabama/Georgia area (with obvious consequences for the Panhandle).  At this point it is not certain the extent to which traffic will be passed to/from the State level.


Activities Report:

October 15 – 16 Jamboree on the Air (JOTA).  Not sure at present whether NOARC club station will be activated for this.  Also will need to discuss with Darryl KE4KEM, whether a Scout Merit badge class will need to be held.


Old Business:

The DSTAR MOU had been worded to base expenditures on;

1) Proportion of individual club membership

2) Club approval.

Twin Cities has approved and it is now pending PARC approval.


New Business:

  • Christmas Party 17 Dec.
  • Antenna party at repeater site was discussed.  It is planned for the Sept. 18th at 8 AM with Steve N4GXX, Steve KE4VGB, Aaron, and E.Y.



General Discussion:

After general discussion, Steve N4GXX, made a motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded and carried unanimously by a show of hands with no opposing votes.


Submitted by Scott AC5LT

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