Club Minutes

July 8, 2010


This meeting was called to order by Club President Bob N4CU followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by Bob N4CU and the invocation was led by Bob KI4MEU.



The meeting was conducted by Club President Bob N4CU. There were 15 members present.


Secretary Report:

Minutes for the June meeting were posted on the W4AAZ.Org website. A motion to accept the minutes as posted was made by Richard W4RLR. The motion was seconded and carried unanimously by a show of hands to accept the motion with no opposing votes.


Treasurer Report

The treasurer’s report was presented by Bob KI4MEU. A motion was made to accept the report as read by Glen K4GAG. The motion was seconded and carried unanimously by a show of hands to accept the motion with no opposing votes.


Repeater Report:

Cal W4GMH stated the 147.360 repeater was working great. There was a work party over the weekend with Phil N6COP sitting inside the tower for about three hours adjusting the dish. We now have DSL signal strength equal to what you have at home. Cabling is run into the building to the desk so that once we get the computer configured we are set to start the D-Star operation. In the last few weeks for those members listening to D-Star, you might have heard transmitting on 145.13 from Enterprise, AL. We have not received any reports of interference from them. Until we have heavy use on our repeater we may not have a problem with them. The experts in the field suggest we change our frequency plus or minus 10 kc so that we are separated and not interfering with one another.


Bob N4CU reported that the former repeater chairman had resigned. But with severe arm twisting, the former chairman stated he would take on the position again. A motion was made Bob KI4MEU to reinstate Steve N4GXX as repeater chairman. The motion was seconded and carried unanimously by a show of hands to accept the motion with no opposing votes.



After great discussion about who owns what and who is going to control the D-Star site, the original members who started the D-Star program in Okaloosa County and the county owning the equipment that three clubs in the county will use, a motion was made to form a committee that will report on D-Star operations with all entities involved. Cal W4GMH made a motion “That there shall be a Joint Committee called the Digital Okaloosa County D-Star Group that shall consist of the Presidents of PARC, TCARC and NOARC in Okaloosa County, the Emergency Coordinator of Okaloosa County and those members holding these positions in the future, the site manager for Whitaker Communications and all those appointed by the committee to control and report on county D-Star activities”. The motion was seconded and carried unanimously by a show of hands to accept the motion with no opposing votes. PARC President Steve K4OID and NOARC President Bob N4CU were present when the motion was made.


Training Report:

Ron KI5FR thanked all operators that participated in the GOTA station portion of Field Day on June 26 and 27, 2010. There were 83 contacts made. This exceeded last year’s numbers thanks to Jerry N8PXE's antenna. Now that the Technician test has changed, the training material must be changed to reflect the new question sets. There will be a future a class for those Technician licensees wishing to upgrade to General class. This might possibly need to be two training days. More to follow.


Steve K4OID stated he was looking at a training day to train those General Class licensee’s wishing to upgrade to Extra Class. The training would consist of math classes covering the formulas required to upgrade. More information to follow.


Website Report:

Phil N6COP stated the website yearly registration fee of $70.35 has been paid. The site owners have been a great help when problems arise within the site itself. QTH folks are great to work with. If there is anything that you would like to see out on the site, please let Phil N6COP the site master know. This is your site.



Nothing new to report. One item that the club should think about is placing a double zepp antenna out back to support EOC operations when and if the need arises. Sundays are still open for those club members wishing to use club equipment. The club station has a beam antenna where as at home you might not have the capability. This is one way to increase your skills with an extra licensee mentoring.


ARES Report:

Bob N4CU reported that on July 17, 2010 at approximately 0900 to 1300, the American Red Cross will be conducting a test from their emergency shelters. What they are looking for is for a few HAM operators to operate from their home stations to see if they could operate clearly from different shelters. Five club members stated they could in an emergency act as communicators at designated shelters. They are Richard W4RLR, Glenn K4GAG, Jerry N8PXE, Steve KJ4RWD and Jim KJ4XK.


Activities Report:

  • October 15 – 16 JOTA
  • July 31 IOTA
  • August 21 and 22 Huntsville Hamfest  


Old Business:

Nothing to report.


New Business:

Antenna Parties  will be held soon for the following call signs:K6AEL, KB1KQ and W4RLR. If you have time and can help, contact these folks. More information to follow.


General Discussion:

Bob KI4MEU made a motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded and carried unanimously by a show of hands with no opposing votes.


Submitted by Mike KJ4FNA,


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