Archived Club Minutes 2009

November 12, 2009


The meeting started with the pledge of allegiance by Chayne-KI4WBN, followed by a prayer led by Bob-KI4MEU.



The meeting was conducted by Club President, Bob-N4CU and there were 18 members present.


Secretary Report:

Minutes for October 2009 have been posted on W4AAZ.ORG website. Motion to accept the minutes as posted was made by Richard-KE4BFX and seconded by Bob KF4MHG. Motion approved by a show of hands with no opposing votes.


Treasurer Report:

Bob-KI4MEU reported a current balance of $1,767.89. A motion to accept the report was made by Richard-KE4BFX and seconded by Lew-KA4KMP. Motion approved by a show of hands, no opposing votes.


Repeater Report:

Cal-W4GMH reported the 147.360 is working after Jim-N4NID & Steve-N4GXX worked on it for several days. There was a loose hard-line to RG-213 adapter. The 2 meter repeater is on two antennas now. We need a work party in the tower area to pressure wash and paint the repeater buildings.


Volunteers were Bob-KI4MEU, Ron-KI5FR, Cal-W4GMH, Bob-N4CU, Bob-W5RE, Jerry-N8PXE, Richard-KE4FBX, Bob-KE5TRH, Phil-N6COP, and Mike-KJ4FNA. Dan-going to bring a Paint sprayer. There were volunteers to bring a pressure washer. The work party will be on Saturday, December 5th at 9 a.m.


Training Report:

Ron-KI5FR reported the will be a class on Jan 16, 2010 at the Playground Club in Ft Walton Bch, FL. There will be a special testing session on Jan 23, 2010

Website Report:

No Report


Station Report:

Bob-KI4MEU reported that CRC-Carmon Rowe-KD4QBH is donating Dell Pentium 4 computer to the club. We will need to buy a video card for $50.00 & a 17” LCD for $100.00. A motion was made by Bob-W5RE and seconded by Ron-KI5FR to establish a sponsor’s page on the website to credit those who have donated significantly to the club.


Cal W4GMH reported a Kenwood 940 HF radio is being evaluated by Bob-WA6VVA for station use. We have an 11 element 2m Yagi for sale $50.00. It was purchased by Bob-KF4MHG.  


Emergency Operation Center:

Bob-N4CU reported the EOC was activated due to Tropical storm Ida. Richard-KE4FBX & Steve-KE4VGB were at the EOC. Davidson Middle School was open for special needs and manned by Richard-W4RLR and Jenna-KI4REC.  Richard- KE4BFX, discussed the requirements at the EOC for amateurs having the ICS 100/200/700/800 classes. Not having the classes and being at the EOC may result in lose of county grants. Richard will provide the URL to take the classes on line. Bob-N4CU reminded the members about Constellations-Data base system.


Activities Report:

Cal-W4GMH reported the Christmas Party will be at the Baptist church in Seminole (Bluewater Bay) on Fri. Dec. 18, 2009 at 6 p.m. - till. A list was made of the volunteers for various plates, turkey, ham and others.


Old Business:

None Reported


New Business:

The nominating committee is Mike-KJ4FNA, Ron-KI5FR, and Bob-KI4MEU who will report at the next meeting. 


There will be no tech. meeting just before Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Joe-KB4LSL showed how the Dongle works for Dstar.



None Reported


There was a round table discussion by members.


Motion Adjourn by Jerry-N8PXE and seconded by Bob-KI4MEU.


Submitted by Glenn-K4GAG, Secretary.

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