Archived Club Minutes 2009

August 13, 2009


The North Okaloosa Amateur Radio Club held its first "Founders Night" at Dorcas FD Station #42 with President Bob Walker N4CU presiding.


The Pledge and Prayer were lead by Treasurer Bob Murphy KI4MEU.



Those attending included: Bob Walker N4CU, Cal Zethmayr W4GMH, Bob Murphy KI4MEU, Glenn Goll K4GAG, Richard L. Ray W4RLR, Laura Ray, Doug Sims KI4YKK, Andrew Percival N2PDK, Lynnette Percival N7UTQ, Dwayne Sparks AK4P, Quencie Cook W4EAD, Don Boaz KD4BWN, Michael Wright KJ4FNA, Ray Aplin KC4QMW, Ben Couch KD4NHT, Randy Decker KB1DHQ, Ed Underfinger KJ4KRT, Edd Seeliger KD5M, Ron Mahn KI5FR, Phil Mackrael N6COP, Preston Gillespie KJ4NLF, David Trentham KG4IDW, Steve Mullins KE4VGB, Richard Bailey E4BFX, Chayne Sparagowski KI4WBN, Bobby Sullivan W5RE, Bob Benson WA6VVA, Eugene Bannon and Bill Hoisington W5GUA. There were 29 in attendance all together.


After everyone in the room introduced themselves, we enjoyed a video featuring Stan Cable K4LPT (SK), E Y Mock WB4CDR, Lew Bowers KA4KMP, Bob Sullivan W5RE, and Cal Zethmayr W4GMH. The video was shot at the Shoal River Rehabilitation Center in July and edited by Cal. They dissused the early history of NOARC, how it was started by Stan and E Y, and some of the early Field Day events at Stan's farm. The video ended with photos of one of those Field Day weekends and a CW


Following the video a roundtable discussion featured many of those who had comments about the early days of the club. We began to run late into the evening and the delicious decorated cake made for this event by Sally Walker N4FQJ was begging to be eaten.


Meeting was adjourned, cake and many eyeball QSO's concluded the Founders Night evening.






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