Archived Club Minutes 2009

June 11, 2009


The meeting started with a prayer and the pledge of allegiance.



The meeting was conducted by Club President, Bob-N4CU.  A special guest speaker Courtney Ligenfelter with the Dorcas Volunteer Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary, announced they would have a Bake sale and Yard sale to benefit the Fire District and give Good PR for field day.  They will be selling food items, hamburgers, and fixins from 8am to 2pm.


Secretary Report:

Motion to forgo reading of minutes: Motion by Richard-W4RLR and seconded.


Treasurer Report:

The bank statements are not going to KI4MEU-Bob’s house but the problem is remedied.  The financial status is the same as last month ($1,355,24).


Repeater Report:

Steve-N4GXX was not present. Cal-W4GMH gave a repeater report in his absence and mentioned the 2 meter D-Star is working.  Some contacts were made including Cal connecting to Magnolia Springs Repeater and checking into the Southeastern Weather Net.  Cal will try to work with Cox or Embarq to get an internet connection for our D-Star site.  Crew’s will be going back up the tower and moving the Fire Departments antenna down 20 feet to resolve interference problems. The tower crew could not find any cause for strobe noise.


Training Report:

No training classes scheduled but Ron-KI5FR will work with individuals.


Website Report:

Legal documentation concerning towers is now on the website.  Preston a new prospect found us on Google by searching Okaloosa Amateur Radio Club. He attended this meeting.


Station Report:

Bob-WA6VVA has done a lot of work with the clubs radio “Dots of Death” problem on all bands except 10 meters and the rig sounds good on all other bands.  It will be usable on field day.  Sunday meetings have been successful.


Emergency Operation Center:

There have been a couple of table top exercises and the Okaloosa EMA trailer will be onsite at CERT exercise on Field Day.  Ken Wolf has requested that some experienced hams show up to help the CERT volunteers who are licensed simulate communications with the EOC.  Anyone needing more information can contact Steve McCarter at .


Steve needs email addresses for those wanting to be involved in ARES due to a server crash which wiped out his address list.  Cal-W4GMH gave a brief report of the table top discussions.  One exercise was a hurricane which involved flooding causing Station 42 to function as an Alternate EOC/Command Post.  The other was a regional Hazmat exercise involving a train derailment.


Activities Report:

Foxhunt controller is ready to fox hunt.  We are looking for a volunteer to be the fox hunt coordinator.


Old Business:

Field Day Key Personnel

  • GOTA and Satellite and Digital: Ron-KI5FR   Antenna: 20 meter Vertical
  • Tri-Bander: Bob-KI4MEU
  • Double Zepp: Cal-W4GMH (Bob-KI4MEU to build next tech night.)
  • Food Coordinator: Richard-KE4BFX
  • Bonus Points Coordinator: John-KI4UMT
  • Invitations of Dignitaries: Cal-W4GMH
  • Public Safety and RF Survey: Chayne-KI4WBN and Richard-W4RLR
  • Alternate Energy and Generator: Bob-KI4MEU


We will be using N1MM software:

Laptops: Bob-KI4MEU





Antennas have been removed from top of courthouse.  Ken Nielson with CVCTV will pay $150.00 for all four sections.  Cal-W4GMH made a motion and seconded.  The Motion passed unanimously.


New Business:

Cal gave a report on HR 2160.  Motion was made by Richard-W4RLR to draft a resolution in support of the bill and send it to congressmen Miller and Boyd.  seconded and a discussion followed.  Motion passed by vote.

Bob-KI4MEU will draft a letter to the congressmen.  Cal-W4GMH will proof and send it out.


Demonstration of N1MM software was given by Bob-N4CU and Cal-W4GMH with assistance from Ron-KI5FR.  The GOTA station will have Squirrel software running for logging on Field Day.


Antenna party personnel for Field Day will be:









Motion to adjourn was made by Steve-W6EOD and seconded.  Motion carried by everybody leaving.


Respectfully Submitted by Bob Murphy: NOARC Treasurer and acting Secretary.




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