Archived Club Minutes 2009

April 9, 2009


The meeting started by a prayer led by Bob-KI4MEU and the pledge of allegiance.


Attendance:  There were 18 members present.


Secretary Report:

Minutes for March 2009 have been posted on W4AAZ.ORG website.

Motion to accept the minutes as posted was made by Bob-KI4MEU

and seconded by Richard-KE4BFX. Motion approved by a show of

hands, no opposing votes.


Treasurer Report:

Bob-KI4MEU reported expenditures for March 2009 of $302.90;

$24.00 for Dues, $28.00 for General fund, $70.00 for Insurance fund,

Previous balance is $1,210.14. Current balance is $ 959.24


Repeater Report:

Steve-N4GXX reported the repeater is working good. However, there is still some beaconing noise during weak signals. D-star is running well with the possibility of a gateway within a year.


Training Report:

Ron-KI5FR reported nothing to report at this time.


Website Report:

Phil-N6COP reported the website is running very well, with plenty of room to expand.


Station Report:

Cal-W4GMH reported that the HF radios are up and running. Also made a

contact in Ireland before the meeting.


Emergency Operation Center:

Steve-KB4OID reported that No shelters were activated due to all the rain

we had in the last 2 weeks. Also discussed Sky Warn net.


Activities Report:

Richard-KE4BFX reported on Scout-O-Rama at the Fairground, Some Scouts

did have fun transmitting on 2 meter simplex. Also Bob-N4CU was present.


Richard-KE4BFX reported on the upcoming event on Saturday April 25, 2009

at the Valparaiso park.

Dayton, OH. Hamfest on May 13 -17th of 2009.

Field Day on Saturday June  27th 2009 at Dorcas Fire Station.

Scout Jamboree on Saturday October 17th 2009.


Old Business:

Nothing was reported.


New Business:

Motion by Phil-N6COP, Seconded by Ron-KI5FR to have the radio station at the Dorcus Fire Station open on Sunday's at least once a month for new Amateurs to communicate on HF radio. Motion approved by a show of hands, no opposing votes.  Bob-N4CU, Cal-W4GMH, and Richard-KE4BFX would assistance in this operation.


After a short break, Steve-W6EOD explained the fundamentals of a QRP

radio for CW communication.


Motion to Adjourn by Ron-KI5FR, Seconded by Bob-N4CU at 8:00pm.


Submitted by Glenn-K4GAG, Secretary.





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