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 February 12, 2009



There were 19 attendees at the meeting: Glenn Goll-KD4QBG, Cal Zethmayr-W4GMH, Claud Ledbetter-KI4JDU, Lew Bowers-KA4KMP, Bob Sullivan-W5RE, Richard Bailey-KE4BFX, Michael Wright-KJ4FNA, James Potter-N4NID, David Trentham-KG4IDW, Steve McCarter-KB4OID, Robert Benson-WA6VVA, Karen Benson-KD4SRG, Bill Pardue-K4IBZ, Chayne Sparagowski-KI4WBN, Wesley Dorech, Phillip Mackrael-N6COP, Jon Baughman-KI4UMT, Steve-N4GXX, and Bob Murphy-KI4MEU.


Club President Bob-N4CU was out of town for the Orlando Hamfest, Vice President Cal-W4GMH conducted the meeting.


Secretary Report:

Minutes of January 2009 have been posted on the W4AAZ.ORG website.  Motion to accept the minutes as posted was made by Richard-KE4BFX, Seconded by Phil-N6COP.  Motion approved by a show of hands, no opposing votes.


Treasurer Report:

Bob-KI4MEU reported that the club has $ 1,410.14 in the bank account.  The club spent $200.00 on a Kenwood HF radio. Treasurer Bob told the membership that an annual bank account resolution needs to be adopted notifying the First National Bank of Crestview of the new officers for 2009.  Bob said he had talked with the bank about having 2 Officer’s sign the checks and reported he was told it really does not matter to the bank because signatures are not checked any longer, but the club can as a matter of policy require two officers to sign checks.  A motion was offered by Richard-KE4BFX, seconded by Lew-KA4KMP to adopt the appropriate resolution, to continue the policy of requiring two officers to sign checks and to send the resolution to the bank.  This was approved by a show of hands with no objection.


Repeater Report:

Jim N4NID advised he has made changes in the repeater configuration that has eliminated the noise from the tower strobe light.  He also stated we need to get the antennas for Dstar up on the tower ASAP.


Training Report:

Beginners night has been moved to 4th Thursday of the month at Dorcas Fire Station #42.


Website Report:

Phil- N6COP reported that everything is doing well with the club website and he will try to put Club membership application forms on the website.


Activities Report:

Activities Director Cal-W4GMH led a discussion of upcoming  events we are scheduled to participate in.

March 14, 2009- Crestview Area Chamber of Commerce BBBQ on Main Street in Crestview. The Okaloosa County Communications Trailer will available. The Crestview PD & EMS will be stationed next to us.  We will need 4 people from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. at Comm. Post for setup.  Rest of the day members will patrol the area in event of any emergencies.  We will use simplex or D-star.  All participating club members will be given vendor coupons for food.  Sign up list for all upcoming events was passed around for members to sign up.  Nine (9) members committed to assist with one or more of the events.

March 21, 2009- PARC Hamfest at Fairgrounds. Cal-W4GMH asked if the members wished to have a table to sell items and promote the club.  No members indicated they wanted to take advantage of this.

March 28, 2009- Scouts Jamboree at Fairgrounds.  The County EOC Comm. Trailer will be there.  We will need to set up antenna’s on Friday like we did last year, and probably better plan on operating from battery power on Saturday.  A scout Radio Merit Badge class will be held and the Scouts will need to get on air time during the day.

April 25, 2009—33rd Annual Saturday in the Park-Valparaiso. We will need to visit the site sometime before then to plan antenna setup.


Foxhunts: They will resume in the near future once the controller can be reprogrammed for shorter on and off cycles.


Shelter Report:

Steve-KB4OID reported on the exercise/training that was held at the at Davidson Middle School in cooperation with the Red Cross and Amateurs.  Cal-W4GMH stated that the J-pole antenna will be moved up 5’ to help reduce SWR, and increase the signal into the south end repeaters.

Also the Dorcas FD# 42 will be designated as an Alternative EOC for communications purposes.


Club Station: 

Cal-W4GMH reported that the Cabinet for building the club station was delivered to the meeting place that afternoon.  Volunteers will be needed to finish the wood and build the drop down door.


New Business:

Cal-W4GMH reported on a meeting he had earlier in the afternoon with Ed Alford, the new Chairman of Dorcas Fire District.  Mr. Alford was a long time friend of Jimmy Waite(SK) and new a good bit about Amateur Radio as a result.  Mr. Alford was given a copy of the Club Insurance declarations coverage page, (which shows that our ARRL policy provides much better coverage than the Fire District has on its own) and they discussed the two meetings per month plus weekend activities the club would like to hold at Dorcas Station #42.  The average monthly Chelco power bill for Station #42 last year was $120.00.  Cal suggested that we offer the Fire District an annual payment of $120.00 based on the assumption that we will probably use the building about 30 days per year.  Lew-KA4KMP offered a motion, seconded by Bob-W5RE that a check for that amount should be presented to the Dorcas Fire Department Commissioners at their business meeting on February 24th.  This motion was approved unanimously by a show of hands.  Regarding the use of Station #42, Cal W4GMH read a Letter that was given to Dorcas FD for club use dated from February of 2007.  None of the people who were officers or Commissioners of the district at that time are currently holding those positions.  Also attendees who had not previously signed Waiver of Liability & Hold Harmless Agreements filled them out for Club President Bob-N4CU to give the Commissioners when he meets with them later this month.

Club Treasurer Bob-KI4MEU discuss the Club Liability insurance.  He advised the members that Bob-N4CU paid the bill of $327.68 for this year.  He asked that any members who wished to contribute to share this cost see him to make such donation.

Jim-N4NID told the members that we need to purchase a dual-band antenna for the D-Star Repeater.  Estimated cost for a Diamond X-510 would be $219.99 and a Duplexer MX72D for 48.99.  A motion by Steve-N4GXX, seconded by Phil-N6COP was unanimously approved. Steve-N4GXX was authorized to make the purchases at the Orlando Hamfest.

Following a short break, Cal-W4GMH played a Video with Walter Cronkite reporting how Amateur Radio helps out in emergencies.

After the video we adjourned and visited the BK on Highway 90 in Crestview.


Submitted by Glenn KD4QBG, Secretary.


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