Archived Club Minutes 2009


January 8, 2009



                                There were 17 attendees including 3 visitors from Milton's Club.


Secretary Report:  

Minutes from Nov. 2008 are posted on W4AAZ web site.


Treasurers Report: 

Bob-KI4MEU, reported a balance of $1,410.14 as of Jan 08, 2009.


New Officer's: 

Ron-KI5FR, read the names of new officer's for 2009. President-Bob-N4CU; Vice President/Activities Manger-Cal-W4GMH; Secretary-Glenn-KD4QBG; Treasurer-Bob-KI4MEU Registered Agent / Custodian-E.Y. Mock-WB4CDR.


Training Report:

Ron-KI5FR, reported that several potential hams attended training at the Playground Club in Fort Walton Beach.  About the same number attended a training class at the Navarre Fire station with training assistance by Steve-W4SVJ.


Ron-KI5FR, has been selected with 10 other amateurs in the Southeast ARRL Division to attend "Training the Trainer" Classes in Orlando this February.


Ron also advised there will be a beginners meeting at the Dorcas Fire Station for new amateurs on the 4th Thursday of each Month. Since the meeting, we found this will be a variable schedule. Plans for now are to hold this on the 4th Tuesday.


Repeater Report: 

Cal-W4GMH, said that Mr. Whitaker who owns the repeater tower is going to use his DB224 VHF antenna for commercial purposes and will not pay the expense to provide a VHF combiner for 2 meter D-Star. (This has since been resolved).


Activates Report:

Cal-W4GMH, reported results for Field day in 2008, advised that the Club was 3rd place in North Florida Region & 9th in state for 2A.                 


Shelter Report:

Bob-N4CU, said that Okaloosa County is going to put external antennas on hurricane shelters starting Friday January 16th at Davidson Middle School, 9 am. Volunteers are Bob-N4CU & Cal-W4GMH. On Saturday January 17th at Crestview United Way there will be a HT101 Class for Ft. Walton CERT. Volunteers are Cal-W4GMH; Richard-KE4BFX; Steve-KB4OID.


Saturday February 7th there will be a hurricane shelter orientation class with the Red Cross at Davidson School. Volunteers are Steve-KE4VGB, Bob-KI4MEU, Bob-N4CU, Glenn-KD4QBG, and Cal-W4GMH.


Club Station:

Steve-KE4VGB, is going to repair a cabinet for the club. After some discussion of purchasing a HF rig from Frank Butler-W4RH, to be used as a club station. A motion was made by Bob-KI4MEU, to purchase the Kenwood TS-440S for $200.00. Motion seconded by Bob-W5RE. Motion approved.                       


Doug-KI4YKK, discussed having a meeting to write the brochure for new ham's on January 31st.  Volunteers are Brenda-KI4YKO, Cal-W4GMH, Bob-N4CU, and Doug-KI4YKK.  Meet at 9AM, at N4CU’s home.


New Business: 

Cal-W4GMH, discussed holding Field Day 2009 at Dorcas FD-42 as a Secondary EOC. Okaloosa County Emergency Manager Randy McDaniel will designate us as one. There will be more discussion about planning field day at the April meeting. Bob-KI4MEU discussed quick connectors for antenna guys.


Cal-W4GMH, Fox Hunts most likely will start in February or March more discussion in the February meeting. The fox controller was also discussed. Volunteers; Bob-W5RE, Bob-N4CU, and Bob-KI4MEU will get together at the beginners night at Dorcas on Thursday January 22nd to update the timing.


Cal-W4GMH, discussed providing communications for the Bluegrass BBQ on March 14th. Doug-KI4YKK, to chair with assistance from Bob-KI4MEU. Volunteers include Phil-N6COP, Ron-KI5FR, Doug-KI4YKK, Bob-N4CU, Cal-W4GMH, and Glenn-KD4QBG.


Richard-KE4BFX asked Members if they would help on April. 25th with a booth at the 33rd Annual “Saturday in the Park” event at the Valparaiso museum. Motion was made by Richard-KE4BFX to support it.  Seconded by Ron-KI5FR Motion passed.


Ron-KI5FR, asked members about a Public Safety event in Baker on April 1st or 2nd with a booth for new hams. No action taken at this time.


Motion by Bob-KI4MEU and seconded by Steve KE4VGB to Adjourn.


Secretary Report submitted by Glenn-KD4QBG



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