Archived Club Minutes 2008

November 13, 2008


Highlights from the club meeting are as follows.



Secretary Report:

Minutes were read by Chayne-KI4WBN. Motion was made to approve the minutes by Glen-KD4QBH and seconded by Michael-KJ4FNA. 


Treasure Report:

Not Available.


Repeater Report:

Bob-N4CU, reported the strobe noise was still a concern. Bob-W5RE and Cal-W4GMH agreed to climb the tower as soon as weather permitting. No date was established for the work as of yet.


Training Report:

Ron-KI5FR, reported Navarre couldn't get people together for the December class, but were looking to have one in January instead. Okaloosa Gas is wanting to have a training class as well, more information to come.


Old Business:

New Ham Brochure, by Doug-KI4YKK still in the works. A date will be picked out for the committee to get together and produce the next Brochure.


Bob-N4CU, brought up the sign in sheet and contact issues. There are some people who have not yet done a contact paper. This needs to be redone next year. A sign in sheet needs to be kept up for anybody and everybody who uses the Fire Station.


Activities Report:

Paxton Heritage Day report was given by Bob-KI4MEU. He reported they made many 20 meter contacts and made some pretty good 2 meter long distance contacts early on as well. There were a couple of people from other clubs and local folks enjoying the festivities.


New Business: 

Cal-W4GMH, has been told that the club can put a permanent sign in the front of the Fire Station. The sign would be placed under the existing fire station sign. A motion was made by Cal-W4GMH, to find someone to make the sign and purchase it. Glen-KD4QBG seconded it.  


Ron-KI5FR, brought up an idea about the club station being open once day a month. Discussion followed and Ron made a motion to come up with a date to open the clubhouse once a month. It was seconded by Bob-KI4MEU. All were in favor.


Bob-W5RE, made a motion to move the meeting night to either a Tuesday or Thursday. It was generally decided that the 2nd Thursday would be best. A motion was made by Bob-W5RE, to change the regular meeting nights to the second Thursday of each month, effective in January. Glen-KD4QBG, seconded it. All were in favor.


Christmas Party:

Cal-W4GMH, gave the latest information about many locations where we could hold the Christmas Party. Overall the AMVETS location seemed most desirable. Glen-KD4QBG, made a motion to hold the party at the AMVETS building. Cal-W4GMH, seconded it. All were in favor for the party to be on Friday, December 19th at 6:00 p.m.


Glen-KD4QBG, made a motion to adjourn and LEW-KA4KMP, seconded it.


Chayne KI4WBN

NOARC Secretary








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