Archived Club Minutes 2008

May 28, 2008


Those in attendance:

Bob-N4CU, Cal-W4GMH, Dave-KB4ET, Bill-K4QBH, Steve-KE4VGB, Phil-N6COP, Glenn-KD4QBG, Don-KD4BWN, Lew-                                 KA4KMP, Ron-KI5FR, Bob-KI4MEU, Tina-KI4ZIH, Jm-N4NID,                                 John-KE4HIE, Bob-W5RE, Joe-KB4LSL, Steve- N4GXX, Chayne-                                 KI4WBN.


Training Report:

Ron-KI5FR, had an excellent class, 6 participated. Everyone passed the practice tests. All 6 passed, including 4 Technicians and 2 Generals.


Minutes read by Cal -W4GMH Motion to approve by Glen-KD4QBG, 2nd by Steve KE4VGB. Passed unanimously.


Foxhunt Report:

Cal-W4GMH, one held last week 3 members participated. Suggest 1 per month for summer.  Also suggested we get the auto transmitter device be re-timed to shorter off times. Bob-W5RE and Bob-N4CU will try to locate someone that can reprogram it.


Club Station:

Steve-KE4VGB reported he has not had time to work on the cabinet. Cal-W4GMH reported the 8x12 building (old repeater building at Whitaker Communications) is not going to be available to us. Suggest we continue to plan for the cabinet here inside the main room. Actually it would provide a larger area for training and operating and would be more secure being inside the building.



Discussion by Phil-N6COP and Bob-N4CU. Bob discovered his domain name does not have any storage space available. Phil discussed space needs, will get back in touch with Michael Sullivan to determine costs to expand our site.


Red Cross and FEMA:

Bob-N4CU reports more members are needed to be Shelter communications volunteers.  Steve-KE4VGB has been attending some of the Red Cross trainings.


Old Business:

Field Day Discussion

Bill-K4QBH, led the discussion of the 48’ tower we now have stored out behind the fire station: 4 options;

1. forget it.

2. put up as self supporting-at a cost of at least $1,000.00.

3. put up as guyed tower, less concrete-goes up quick.

4. the club go before the county commissioners to see if the county would pay the costs. 

The tower needs work, there is surface rust on some of the cross members. Getting it ready to go up is at least two days work.


Comments from membership:

Bob-KI4MEU has 40 feet of Rohn 20 would donate its use. Bob -W5RE, the club owns 90 feet of tower that is at his home. He will bring it here.   We would need a work party to remove the quad and rotor that is out at the blueberry patch. 


Consensus: bring 40 feet or more of the tower from Bob-W5RE’s, assemble it on the ground, have the Dorcas ladder truck set it in the hole Field Day Saturday morning.


Cal-W4GMH could provide a rotor.  Dave-KB4ET suggests that if using a tri-band, just mount it and point it northwest.


Logging with Win-Test; Cal-W4GMH will provide wireless Router

Generators; Bob-N4CU, Gregg-KD4QBG

Chargers and – Batteries; Cal-W4GMH, Phil-N6COP, Greg-KD4QBG


Field Day preparation on Saturday May 31ST, starting 8 a.m.

Put tower together, use Cal’s Rotor, assemble Bob’s Beam and test it.


Food Plans:

BOB-KI4MEU-Pulled Pork, buns for Saturday Lunch.

Bob-N4CU-Potato Salad

Ron-KI5FR-Cold Drinks-Tea, etc. Cups

Cal-W4GMH-coffee-tea and condiments-pies

Joe-KB4LSL-Potato Chips


Saturday Dinner

Cal-W4GMH-KFC and Fixins.


Sunday Breakfast:

Bob-W5RE –Pancakes, etc.


New Business:

Phil-N6COP led a discussion on D-Star. 7 members now have D-Star units. Several club members are considering setting up a D-Star Repeater, possibly using N4NID’s UHF assignment. 


Bob-KI4MEU handed out new vests and took photos for PIX ID’s.


Motion to adjourn by Phil-N6COP, 2nd by Cal-W4GMH. Meeting adjourned 8:28 p.m.


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