Archived Club Minutes 2008

April 24, 2008

Those in Attendance:

Bob-N4CU, Cal-W4GMH, Dave-KB4ET, Bill-K4QBH, Bob-KI4MEU, Tina-KI4ZIH, Doug-KI4YKK, Glenn-KD4QBG, John-K6AEL, Pat-KI4BNG, Ben-KD4NHT, Phil-N6COP,                                 Ron-KI5FR, Chayne-KI4WBN, Bob-WA6VVA, Clyde-NL7VH,                                Joe-KB4LSL. 


Secretary Report:

Chayne-KI4WBN unable to attend, Minutes read by Cal-W4GMH. Motion to approve as read by Pat Dunn-K4BNG , 2nd by Bob-KI4MEU. 


Repeater Report:

Cal-W4GMH No Damage after lightening hit last Sunday AM. Battery checked this afternoon-shows fully charged.


Training Report:

Ron-KI5FR, hoping for class of at least 6 on May 3rd at PARC Clubhouse.


Red Cross Report:

Bob N4CU-Steve and Bob had attended the last training.

They are having some equipment issues with the VSAT system.


FEMA classes-Bob N4CU-said he had sent out an email regarding ICS tests that Hams should take.



SCOUT-O-RAMA, Bob-KI4MEU reported there were some power problems, once everything AC got turned on the power failed! We got battery backup from PARC.   Bob-N4CU said the antenna we put up was one of the best we have had. Heard some good DX. No Scouts showed up to do any operating.  There was some Scouts interest in Satellite and CW.



Cal-W4GMH reported next FoxHunt this Saturday, start at noon at Radio Shack. Fox will be inside a local restaurant.



Bob-KI4MUE showed a vest he found via internet search.  It is green with safety orange striping. Has place on front for ID Card, mike holder, place to put HT.  Motion by Phil-N6COP, 2nd Glenn-KD4QOG to make this the club jacket.  Bob KI4MEU will take orders. If we order $100 or more then shipping is free. 


Field Day:

Cal-W4GMH and Bob-N4CU lead the discussion and agreed to have it at Dorcas, since it has AC, facilities, etc. Also a discussion was how to erect the tower and to see if the Dorcas F/D would let us use their ladder truck to set it.  Possible ways to do it; build the base then use gin-pole method, or set the base then put the rest of tower on in one piece.




HF Station #1-Bob-N4CU

HF Station#2-Phil-N6COP

Backup HF-Cal-W4GMH

Tower Install supervisor-Bill-W4QBH.


Food Plans to be taken care of at next month’s meeting.


Phil-N6COP, we need more website space. He has used up 3 of his account pages with Cox for pictures.  Bob-N4CU can provide a domain that is not in use.


Program: Bob-KI4MEU showed the various J-pole antenna’s he has built. First one made with coax. Second one inside PVC pipe and the third made with copper tubing. All three can be deployed quickly.

Bob provided handouts with construction information and websites.



Report by Dave KB4ET. Saturday-Sunday. He will email info. to Bob-N4CU to send out to the membership.


Meeting adjourned at 8:16 p.m.



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