Archived Club Minutes 2008

March 27, 2008

Those in attendance were as follows:

Bob, N4CU, Cal W4GMH, Steve KE4VGB, Bob, W5RE, Lew KA4KMP, Paul KJ4G, Dave KB4ET, Bill K4QBH, Doug KI4YKK, Bob KI4MEU, Randy KI4WRZ, Glenn KD4QBG, Ron KI5FR,                                 Brenda, KI4YKQ, Chayne KI4WBN, and Jeron KI4YKP.


Secretary Report:

Chayne KI4WBN, minutes read. Minutes were approved.


Treasurers Report:

 Toby was unable to attend the meeting, but Bob, N4Cu talked to Toby on the phone and everything checked out. Report passed.


Repeater Report:

Bob W5RE, as of now everything is operational, but there are talks of going up the tower soon and observing the possible damage done to the noise suppression kit on the beacon. It was also determined that we did not need a new battery for the repeater, as the current working one should be able to keep the repeater operational for a week. April or May will be the general date of inspection. 


Activities Report:

Cal W4GMH, reported that 8 Foxhunts were conducted so far this year…as of now, it appears we will continue to have foxhunts every other Saturday.


Old Business:

Cal W4GMH, The location of the club station is pending, but as of now, it is ready to go. The tower plans behind the Fire Station are still in general plans, but no specifics have been made.


Report on Triple B Event by Bob KI4MEU, great participation and even more people came out to provide communications than expected. Observations and other comments were provided for next time. Vests were also recommended, and Bob, KI4MEU has decided to look into that option, and present what he gets to the next meeting. 


Bob, N4CU, has not picked up the push up poles as of the meeting, but will pick them up soon.


Training Class:

Ron, KI5FR: He is looking at doing training at the PARC club house on the first weekend in May. He is looking for people!


New business:

Cal W4GMH, gave information on the upcoming Scout-O-Rama, April 12th, 9am-4pm. We are looking at maybe do a joint station with the PARC Club. Steve, KE4VGB, has said he will oversee the event.


Doug, KI4YKK, presented the first draft of the brochure. Discussion followed the brochure could be reduced slightly, but information is great. A meeting was arranged at Bob N4CU’s house to get this brochure put together and iron out the remaining details.  


Paul Eakin KJ4G, is a candidate for North Florida Section Manager. He had an introduction and an open forum afterwards. 


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Bob, W5RE at 21:13.


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