Archived Club Minutes 2008

February 28, 2008


Highlights from the club meeting are as follows.


Secretary Report: Chayne KI4WBN, read the minutes from the last meeting. Minutes were approved, with corrections. Motion to approved by Robert KI4RWL and seconded by Steve N4GXX. 


Treasures Report: Toby KG4AVJ, was not present to give a report.


Repeater Report: Bob N4CU, gave a brief report since neither repeater committee officers were present. 


Instructors Report: Nothing to report. There is an interest in another Tech. Class.


Activity Report: Cal W4GMH, made a motion to extend the limits of the fox to areas within the city of Crestview, but also to include any areas including business parking areas with normal public access. The motion was passed by majority approval. 


Cal W4GMH, gave details pertaining to the Blackwater Bluegrass and Bar-B-Que, Saturday, March 8. He outlined the rules we are going to follow, and the guidelines put in place. He also went over the attendee shift list.


Cal, W4GMH, brought up the Teachers Institute of Wireless Technology. As of now, we have the potential to have two teachers attend one of the classes


Old Business:

Steve KE4VGB, is nearly ready to install the club station, when the fire department is done painting. He also has the possibility of securing a few 35 foot poles, and has potential transportation.


A motion to purchase 3 push up masts, ropes and pulleys, for $100 was made by Bob N4CU, Steve KE4VGB accepted the motion, Cal W4GMH seconded, and by club vote, the motion passed. 


Doug KI4YKK, volunteered to create a (local) club brochure for newly licensed hams. It coming along quite nicely-but some information is still needed. He also needs some help in answering some of the questions. 


New Business:

Steve W6EOD, brought up the possibility of purchasing a few club tables at the Ft. Walton Beach Hamfest. Bob, WA6VVA, already has two tables, and has volunteered some space for the club. 


A motion to adjourn was made by 

Chayne KI4WBN


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