Archived Club Minutes 2008

January 24, 2008

Those in attendance were as follows:

Clyde NL7VH, Robert WA6VVA, Lewis KA4KMP, C. Gillette KJ4ANF, Wayne KI4WBV, Steve W6EOD, Robert KI4RWL, Claude KI4JDU, Phil N6COP, Bob KI4MEU, Steve KE4VGB,                                James N4NID, Doug KI4YKK, Chayne KI4WBN, Steve N4GXX,                                Bob W5RE, Bob N4CU, George KI4RNQ, and Cal W4GMH.


Secretary Report:Chayne, KI4WBN had nothing to report.


Treasurers Report: Nothing to report, KG4AVJ not present.


Old Business:

Cal, W4GMH, and Steve, KE4VGB, have plans and materials to make a club station area in the office of the fire station. We have the supports for wire antennas but should be able to get a beam up within 6 months. There is a quad antenna and rotor belonging to Bob, N4CU, that can be moved to the back area of the fire station. Another option was a tri-band antenna. Several members have radios that are not in use, and a written loan policy for equipment loans on an individual basis has been created. 


Richard, KI4PEQ made a motion at the November 2007 meeting to purchase ARRL sponsored liability insurance. Cal, W4GMH, made an amendment to withdraw the original motion, due to ‘defects’ in the cost surpassing current club dues. 


Discussion followed:

A vote was taken to become an ARRL affiliated club, and passed by majority vote of the attending members. Another vote was taken regarding purchasing club insurance. The vote passed by majority vote of the attending members. The monies for this insurance will not come from club funds, but rather from donations. 


New Business:

Doug, KI4YKK, volunteered to create a (local) club brochure for newly licensed hams. Bob, N4CU will give the information to Doug to put into the brochure. Discussion followed, so the club could get an idea of what was needed for this publication. 


Emergency communication tests and training were discussed. Nothing official was decided but a few people would be interested in looking into the possibility of anything coming up with the emergency management. 


Clyde, NL7VH, has volunteered to be the foxhunt chairman. 


Bob, KI4MEU will organize the Paxton Heritage Days event on April 12.  


Cal, W4GMH, as the activities activity director brought up many upcoming events that the club could participate in, if the club would be willing. 


A motion to adjourn was made by Lew KA4KMP, with a two minute time limit on roundtable discussion. Bob WA6VVA, seconded.    


Dues were collected from: NL7VH, KE4VGB, K4OQ, N6COP, KI4RWL, KI4RNQ, KI4WBV, W5RE, W5WAW, WA6VVA, KD4SRG, KI4MEU, N4NID, N4GXX, KI4JDU, W4GMH.


Chayne Sparagowski


NOARC Secretary


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