Archived Club Minutes 2008

October 23, 2008


Highlights from the club meeting are as follows.


Secretary Report:

Minutes were read by Chayne KI4WBN. Minutes were accepted by Glen, KD4QBG, and seconded by Bob, WA6VVA. All were in favor and the minutes passed.


Treasurers Report:

Toby, KG4AVJ, was not at the meeting to read the treasures report, but a general amount report was given. 


Repeater Report:

Jim, N4NID, gave the latest information on the new D STAR repeater. The VHF side will become active as soon as Mr. Whitiker is able to get someone to attach a jumper cable on the tower. The internet connection should be in the repeater for D STAR soon. Jim, N4NID, also gave suggestions to keep the repeater from being timed out due to continuous transmission from microphones inadvertently being keyed up. For example program your radio to time out (TOT), in 30 seconds.


Training Report:

Ron, KI5FR, gave the training report. Okaloosa Gas is looking at a class, during the weekday. The class would have 10-12 people, and a tentative date would be set in December.


Website Report:

Phil N6COP, gave a report on the website. The site has had nearly 1,000 hits. There are some spam issues with his inbox though. 


Activities Report:

Cal W4GMH, gave an activities report. The antennas and tower are still atop the courthouse. Cal has re-reminded the staff about getting those down. Two to three days are needed for antenna removal possibilities.

The Crestview Veteran's Day parade at this point doesn’t look like it will need communications help.


Old Business:

The tower sections that were in the grass out in the back of the firehouse were moved and are now against the fence line.

The Club Station tower rotator has quit working. There was an open forum of what we could possibly do to fix that issue. 

The pushup poles are in the back of the station, but are still on the ground.

JOTA/JOTI was very successful. Overall 14 scouts completed the Radio Merit Badge.  


New Business:

Bob, KI4MEU, gave a rundown of the Paxton Heritage Day this coming Saturday. There will be over enough equipment, with most being display. We will set up at 7am, and will have a 2 Meter station and an HF station on the air. 


Both the November and December meetings fall on a holiday. Ideas of what to do were tossed about. At first it was generally agreed upon to have a potluck dinner get together like last year, until somebody got the idea of combining both the NOARC and PARC Christmas parties. Bob, KI4MEU, made the motion of interest in combining the two parties. Richard, KI4PEQ, seconded. Most were in favor. Motion passed. Cal will get some prices, and Steve will do a vote at the PARC club meeting. No date was decided, but the 4th and 18th of December were the tenative dates, with the 18th being more favorable, and possibly some place in Niceville.


Bob, N4CU, nominated Ron, KI5FR, Glen, KD4QBG, and Bob, KI4MEU, as the nominating committee for club officers for the upcoming year.


A roundtable followed all of the business.


Chayne KI4WBN

NOARC Secretary








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