April 7, 2012

Okaloosa County "CERT" Course


The next CERT Course is scheduled for April 7th and 21st. You must attend both days of the course. The course will be taught at the Fort Walton Beach Fire Station #6, at 5 Hollywood Blvd NW, Fort Walton Beach. The Course will start at 10:00am both days. If you wish to attend please contact Capt Glen Guarin at 850-8336-9569 or email him at gguarin@fwb.org and let him know you will be attending.
















February 2012

Recent number of updates over the past few months by





Cleaning Database

To make sure that we don’t have any stale repeater listings, the site now periodically checks and updates the status of repeaters using information from the USTrust Server, ircDDB, and APRS reports. This allows us to populate a Last_Active field so that we can better determine if repeaters are still active. As of now, of the 1081 systems that we have listed, we haven’t gotten any information on 76 of the systems


If your system was previously in the database, but no longer shows, please drop me a note at info@DSTARInfo.com and we’ll get you updated.


If your system is not listed, feel free to head to www.DSTARInfo.com/update and add it.


Icom ID-31A Information

In case you haven’t seen it, the ID-31A comes with a worldwide list of repeaters loaded from the factory. You can literally, turn on the radio from out of the box, enter your call sign, enable the GPS and it will show you the closest 440MHz D-STAR repeater to you. And then select it and you are on the air. Not a single RPT has to be programmed.


To support this, Icom approached us at www.DSTARInfo.com for much of the information the fills the radio. Since then, we’ve created files explicitly for the radio to update the repeater list from the factory. The radio has 800 memories available for repeaters and I believe there were 796 of them used originally. So we have had to split the world into the Eastern and Western Hemisphere. But you can easily update the radio with the latest and greatest information.


Make sure that your repeater and its 440MHz module are correctly listed (http://www.dstarinfo.com/standard-repeater-list.aspx )


Updated Downloads

In the past we had created some downloads that you could use to populate your radio memories very quickly and easily, but they weren’t that flexible. Now we’ve hopefully got the answer for you.


• The new downloads section allows for you to download a group of memories for a country or state anywhere in the world. This is a list of repeaters in an area, each programmed with the UR of CQCQCQ.


• You can also specify a specific location, like your home or zip code and DSTARInfo will create a download file that contains your closest repeaters, each programmed with the CQCQCQ, I, E, U, and linking commands for your 3 favorite reflectors.


• And especially for the ID-31, you can download an updated repeater list.


• And finally, you can update an updated Call Sign list that includes all of the latest reflectors.



News Items

As always, we try to list the news about D-STAR from all over the world. If you have any announcements, please send them to us at info@DSTARinfo.com . We are particularly looking for articles that can be used in the Dayton edition of DSTARInfo News.


Sharon KJ4TPQ,

W4AAZ - SysOp






January 2012

A Closer Look at Morse Code



Imagine a time when there were no telephones and the only way to communicate long distance was to send a letter or a personal messenger. Although all the necessary ingredients were available to create a communications system, the only truly usable system at the time was the "Needle Telegraph" in England. Click here to read more.....













June 25 -26, 2011

Field Day 2011 Preliminary After Action Report


It was another great Field Day in spite of the worst band conditions ever, with communication disruptions even making national news.   We had a very well executed operation with more operators than last year.  Our category was three transmitters and we had all three running nearly all the time.  We had more operators less than 18 years of age than last year using the Get-On-The-Air station, which was supervised by Ron, KI5FR.  Ron also made his first field day satellite contact after trying for 4 years.


The contest operators were W4GMH, N8PXE, N6COP, N4CU, W4RLR, KI5FR, KI4WBN, K4IBZ, KI4MEU, KJ4TPQ, K4GAG, KI4ZIH, KI4UMT, WB4EWS, and N4NID. We made 493 contacts compared with 1,250 last year.  Noise due a major Corneal Mass Ejection made contacting very difficult worldwide.  I expect our score will be quite high in comparison with the rest of the entries in our class.  The GOTA station made 39 contacts which will add to our contact score.  We will also have bonus points from served agency and elected official visits and other sources.


This is the first time all the logging computers were solidly networked with no crashes thanks to the setup by Richard-W4RLR.  The logs did not require any band and mode corrections as a result.


Jerry, N8PXE, sent in the Field Day entries with Bob, N4CU on Sunday.  1,178 contact point vs 1,670 last year. Bonus points were 1,350 vs 1,290 last year.  More organized participation this year was observed vs last year.  Radio operations was much better in spite of difficult band conditions and a touch of Murphy Laws.


We can use a permanent tower at the Fire Station as it is an alternate EOC.  The 30 foot tower has a tribander, 6 meter, and 2 meter beams.  GOTA operators put up a tribander.  We had a full wave loop for 40 meters and a dipole for 80.  We start putting up antennas at 7 AM Saturday to avoid the heat.  We took them down about 10 AM Sunday because we were pretty tired by that time and to beat the afternoon heat.


Food always has been a big part of field day.  Lunch Saturday was KFC brought by Cal-W4GMH.  Saturday night we had a great Beef Stew by Bob-KI4MEU and Tina-KI4ZIH.  Sunday Morning Sally-N4FQJ brought breakfast.


It is a pleasure to work with and report on the team effort made by the North Okaloosa Amateur Radio Club on Field Day.  Thanks to all who participated in making this a fun event.














June 4, 2011

June 4th Antenna Party


We had a near perfect antenna party, starting at 7 a.m. and ending about 11 a.m. The climbers were Steve-KE4VGB and Bob-KF4MGH.  Technical directors were Steve-N4GXX and Jim-N4NID.  Pulleys and rope were provided by E. Y.-WB4CDR.  Steve-KE4VGB had his own harness and belt. Bob's harness and belt was provided by Bob-N4CU.  Jerry-N8PXE provided a safety climb device.  


Ground Crew were Steve-KJ4RWD, Jim-AJ4XK, Sharon-KJ4TPQ, Phil-N6COP, Mike-KJ4FNA, Cal-W4GMH, and Glenn-K4GAG.  The tower and antenna are owned by Whitaker Communications.  


The coax jumper cable and a female to female adapter showed heavy water corrosion, both had to be replaced.  The antenna had been useable at low power and receive but could not take power without erratic SWR readings.  After the repair the antenna was put back into use with lower SWR readings on transmit and better coverage overall.  


After the antenna party we went to Burger King for lunch and conversation where we saw and talked to Bill-K4IBZ.


Thanks to all who participated in the successful antenna party including anyone I may have missed.


Bob - N4CU










April 9, 2011

1.2 GHz D-Star Antenna Party


We had an excellent turnout for the antenna party.  Bob Payne-KF4MGH and Steve Mullins-KE4VGB did the climbing and installed the Tri-Band D-STAR antenna.



This antenna is intended to be used only for the 1.2 GHz High Speed Digital link to the EOC and Red Cross Headquarters during a hurricane or other emergency.



Thanks to the ground crew who supported the climbers. Jim Morrison AJ4XK, Richard Bailey KE4BFX, Mike Wright KJ4FNA, Steve Strom N4GXX, Sharon Joyce KJ4TPQ, David Hayden WB4EWS, Phil Mackrael N6COP, Bob Walker N4CU and Dan Kelley, who is working on his license, dropped by with his son also.



Ten members is a very good turnout. Thanks again for all who helped.



Bob - N4CU


March 27, 2011

CQ World Wide WPX (prefix) Contest


Dick-K6SSD participated in the CQ World Wide WPX (prefix) Contest by making some contacts from the club station during the regular Sunday afternoon opening by station manager Richard, W5RLR.





March 26, 2011

Blackwater Bluegrass and Barbecue Festival


Cal-W4GMH, Ron-KI5FR, Chayne-KI4WBN, Dick-K6SSD, Glenn-W4GAG, Bob-N4CU, and Mike KJ4FNA all worked supporting the BBB on March 26.  Tom Moody, the vendor location assignment supervisor thanked us for our help.  This is the 3rd year we have supported the BBB.  We were a bit short on volunteers partly due to the PARC Hamfest on the same date.  At the hamfest Bob, WA6VVA, and Bob, N4CU, sold most of the items from the clean up of the old county courthouse EOC.  The clean up had been supervised by Cal-W4GMH.







March 24, 2011



The March 24th Tech Night meeting concentrated on SSB operating procedures supervised by Bob-WA6VVA.  There was not enough time for all 15 attendees to make a solid contact and those that did will need more practice.  Just knowing where the Push to Talk switch is not enough to operate a stations.  There are expected procedures to be use that can only be obtained by practice and listening skills.


Bob - N4CU











December 17, 2010

Tri-County Christmas Party


The NOARC, PARC, and Twin Cities Amateur Radio Club held its 3nd Annual Christmas Party at Northbay Baptist Church in Seminole.


We had a great tri-club Christmas dinner with more than 50 hams, XYLs, and harmonics. There was plenty of food for everyone.


Bob Benson's, WA6VVA, turkeys and Bon Murphy's, KI4MEU, ham were great.  Excellent sweet potatoes, dressing and strawberry and rhubarb pie, potato dishes, vegetables and many others.  Music and slide show by Cal Zethmayr, W4GMH. 


Five Panhandle club presidents and North Florida Section Manager, Paul Eakin, KJ5G were present.  Thanks to the Northbay Baptist Church for their fellowship hall, Ralph, KI4PNE, and John K6KBL of the Twin Cites ARC for helping in the setup.


The highlight of the night was the presentation by the North Okaloosa ARC of The "Cal Zethmayr" Amateur Radio Operator of the Year Award to Cal Zethmayr,W4GMH.  Cal has been a tremendous asset to amateur radio in both NOARC and the county.


Cal was instrumental  in building our club cabinet and shelving, securing and installing our tower and many other club assets.  The county D-Star is a fully functional gateway through his persistent effort.  It is not just the amateur radio group that has benefited from Cal's efforts,  but the entire County due to his public service broadcasts and function organizing. 


Thanks and Merry Christmas to all who came and helped with the tri-club Christmas Party.


Bob - N4CU







December 18, 2009


Tri-County Christmas Party


The NOARC, PARC, and Twin Cities Amateur Radio Club held its 2nd Annual Christmas Party at Northbay Baptist Church in Seminole.


We had a great tri-club Christmas dinner with 54 hams, XYLs, and harmonics.  Bob-WA6VVA, Bob-KI4MEU, and Bob-N4CU's XYL Sally-N4FQJ cooked the main courses-two turkeys, a spiral cut ham, and two turkey breasts.  This, plus about 20 side dishes provided by excellent cooks.  There was a lot of food and very little was left.  A table full of pies-all gone.  There was certainly enough to stuff everyone.


Cal-W4GMH and Frank-W4RH provided an interesting new ARRL publication for a door prize won by the XYL of Glenn-K4GAG.  I'll bet I know who really gets to use it.


Cal-W4GMH provided music and a slide show for entertainment.


It was a great get-together and Merry Christmas everyone.


Bob - N4CU








October 17, 2009


JOTA / JOTI 2009



We had a great Boy Scout JoTA and JoTI.  JoTA is Jamboree on The Air and JoTI is Jamboree on The Internet. The activity was organized for our local Scout’s by Cal-W4GMH.



Ray Schwartz, the scout commissioner, sent us many thanks for our efforts.



We had 11 hams attending-Cal-W4GMH, Chayne-KI4WBN, Darryl-KE4KEM, Jon-KI4UMT, Richard-KE4BFX, Ron-KI5FR, Bob-KI4MEU, Bob-N4CU, Bob-WA6VVA, Bob-W5RE, and Steve-W6EOD.  There were 30 scouts and 3 scout leaders.  Our JOTA became a regional event with Scouts and parents coming from Walton, Santa Rosa, Escambia and Okaloosa counties.  



We had a morse code table and Bob-WA6VVA had fun showing the scouts morse code.  They were all very attentive.  Bob-KI4MEU had the PSK-31 station and Cal-W4GMH helped the scouts make contacts with the FM stations.  Darryl-KE4KEM gave the merit badge class and Chayne-KI4WBN ran the APRS station.  There were many others pitching in with all the stations including describing the many posters we had on the walls.



Jason Rousset, an Eagle Scout from Crestview Troop 30, ran the Internet station and made contacts with over 25 countries.  (Does anyone want to count all the pins in the map?)



The Dorcas Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary had a cookout with hot dogs, hamburger and several side dishes.



The hams had a great time, the scouts had a great time and the Ladies Auxiliary made some money for the Fire Department.  (Winners all the way around).



Bob - N4CU







September 24, 2009




Ever wondered how to connect those neat looking red and black plastic power connectors that are also known as Anderson Power Poles?  It sure is better than twisting the wire around the lug, or splicing the wires, then soldering and taping them.


KI4MEU Bob Murphy did a demo on how to do these connections for our Teck Night Program. They had 18 in attendence crimping away by the end of the night.



August 13, 2009  



We had approximately 29 attend our Founders Night meeting Thursday August 13, 2009.


At least that is how many names and call signs we have on the sign in roster.  If you missed signing in please email w4gmh@cox.net so we can add you to our record of this historic event. The attendance list is at the end of this article.


We enjoyed a video featuring Stan Cable K4LPT (SK), E Y Mock WB4CDR, Lew Bowers KA4KMP, Bob Sullivan W5RE, and Cal Zethmayr W4GMH.  The video was shot at the Shoal River Rehabilitation Center in July and edited by Cal. 


Following the video a roundtable discussion featured many of those who had comments about the early days of the club.  We began to run late into the evening and the delicious decorated cake made for this event by Sally Walker N4FQJ was begging to be eaten.  As a result we did not get comments from everyone that came out for this event.


Cal plans on producing a feature video that will be loaded to the www.cvctv.info website.  It will include the interview shown at the meeting PLUS highlights of the comments made during the roundtable.  If you did not get to offer some memory comments Thursday night and would like to be part of the final video production please contact Cal at w4gmh@cox.net.


Those logged in attendance for this anniversary observance were:

Cal Zethmayr W4GMH, Bob Walker N4CU, Glenn Goll K4GAG, Richard L. Ray W4RLR, Laura Ray, Doug Sims KI4YKK, Andrew Percival N2PDK,Lynnette Percival N7UTQ, Dwayne Sparks AK4P, Quencie Cook W4EAD, Don Boaz KD4BWN, Michael Wright KJ4FNA, Ray Aplin KC4QMW, Ben Couch KD4NHT, Randy Decker KB1DHQ, Ed Underfinger KJ4KRT, Edd Seeliger KD5M, Ron Mahn KI5FR, Phil Mackrael N6COP, Preston Gillespie KJ4NLF, David Trentham KG4IDW, Steve Mullins KE4VGB, Richard Bailey KE4BFX, Chayne Sparagowski KI4WBN, Bobby Sullivan W5RE, Bob Benson WA6VVA, Eugene Bannon KB4HAH, and Bill Hoisington W5GUA.


Photos of Founders Night made by Chayne KI4WNB can be seen by clicking here.




June 27 - 28, 2009

Field Day 2009


The North Okaloosa ARC 2009 Field day had better scores than FD 2008.  We had 122 CW QSOs, 2 digital QSOs, and 450 phone QSOs for a total of 708 QSOs versus 395 last year.  QSO points are 1416 versus 790 last year.  Bonus points were 1250, and we had 890 last year.  We also had 17 participants this year and 18 last year so we did more with less.  We had more active operations this year.  Also this year we had an operator and a logger at 2 stations almost all the time.  Last year we had stations empty of operators some of the time.  Because of more active participation, I believe we had more fun for the weekend. 


On Saturday morning while we put up antennas the ladies Fire Department auxiliary used the truck bays for a bake sale, garage sale, and barbecue.  They made about $460 for the fire department.  Since we are an auxiliary EOC we used our multi-element tribander, a 6 meter beam and a vert.-horiz. switchable 2 meter beam.  We put up a Double Zepp for 80 through 15, a multiband vertical, and a 20 meter dipole.  We ran three transmitters and a Get On The Air station.  Our Kenwood 440 and Cal's TenTeck Omni-D got a good workout.


We had visits from the County Emergency Manager, the NFL Section Manager, the Fire Chief, the County Emergency Coordinator, a County Commissioner, Crestview City Councilman, the Editor of the Crestview News Bulletin, and a Florida State Representative.


For lunch we had pulled pork, barbecued chicken and a choice of several side dishes from the ladies auxiliary.  For supper we had a "Country Boil" with sausage, meat, shrimp, corn, onions, and potatoes along with baked beans.  Sunday morning, Bob-KI4MEU made pancakes and sausages for breakfast.


Many thanks to all that participated.   We made it a fun event.


Bob - N4CU





Early Sunday morning of this years Field Day I looked up our scores for the past two years and knew we were on a pace that would result in more QSO's and I hoped that the bonus points would also be more this year than the past two years.  Monday night I looked up the ARRL records that go back to 2002.  Here is how the North Okaloosa Amateur Radio Club scored over those years. 


2009, We completed 708 QSO'S, our final score including QSO points and Bonus Points was 2666. We had 17 participants and we won't know until the ARRL publishes the final results where we rank in the Northern Florida Section.  


The following data is from the ARRL reports available to members on www.arrl.org  


2008, We completed 343 Qso's, and our final score was 1680. We had 18 participants and ranked #19 out of 38 North Florida Section entries.  


2007, We had 393 QSO's, our final score was 2006. We had 15 participants and ranked #14 out of 47 NFL entries.


2006, NOARC reported 148 QSO's with a final score of 1248. There were 15 participants and NOARC ranked #19 out of 37 NFL entries.  


2005, NOARC and W4AAZ are not listed in the ARRL 2005 Field Day Report.


2004, NOARC had 674 QSO's and a final score of 2568.  There were 24 participants and NOARC ranked #10 out of 31 NFL entries. 


2003, NOARC had 918 QSO'S and a final score of 2904. There were 16 participants and NOARC ranked #10 out of 33 NFL entries.  


2002, NOARC and W4AAZ are not listed in the ARRL report.


According to many ARRL articles, Field Day is not a contest, but there is a scoring and ranking and for those of us that keep on keepin' on to get those extra contacts, it is rewarding to compare our efforts to others.  Plus the food and fellowship and telling our story to the media and the VIP's that visit us during Field Day makes it well worth the combined hours we all put into doing this every year.   


Cal Zethmayr





May 2009 Issue of QST

Celebrity In Our Midst!


KI5FR's picture is in the May QST on page 75. Ron attended the first Train the Trainer at HamCation in Orlando. Congratulations Ron.




April 25, 2009

Saturday In The Park


It turned out to be a beautiful day for the 33rd Annual Saturday in the Park with Ham Radio Operators K4GAG Glenn Goll, KE4BFX Richard Bailey, KI4MEU Bob Murphy, N4CU Bob Walker, and those that dropped by as well.


We arrived early in the morning to finish setting up our radio's, tables, and chairs.  We all got to walk around and see the other vendors that were there.  It started out with the presentation of the flag colors, and the bag pipes playing.


We started operating the Florida QSO party contest and by the end of the day we had made 84 QSO's during the contest hour’s 32 sections including 3 Canada, France, Italy, and Switzerland we also worked Italy after we setup and checked the antenna out on Friday evening. We made 9 contacts before the Florida QSO party started including working W2LIS, a special events station operating at Rocky Pt. NY, on the RCA owned property. They were celebrating the April 25th birthday of Guglielmo Marconi.


We started breaking down everything around 4pm and getting ready to head home.  It was a great event to work and we all had a great time there.



April 24, 2009

2 Meter DStar now activated in Crestview, FL. on 145.130 MHz. with a -Duplex. 



 March 28, 2009



Scout-O-Rama 2009


Richard Bailey-KE4BFX, was the NOARC point man (Chief Organizer) for the Scout-O-Rama at the Fairgrounds March 28.  Here is his report.  


Our day with the Boy Scouts was quite the event, even though the rain put a damper on the event it was still a great turn out for the event.  We started off that morning Darryl-KE4KEM, and I, Richard-KE4BFX, by unpacking our vehicles and bringing everything inside of the Fairgrounds.  We then proceeded to start putting together the APRS computer, then after that we started assembling the antennas that we would be using for the day.  Bob-N4CU, was already there and lending us a hand as well.  We put up a 2m beam antenna and a 2m 440 Jpole.  


After putting up the antennas in the pouring rain, we went back inside to hook up the radios and get the APRS station up on the air.


Nine o'clock soon arrived and we went down for the opening ceremony, it was great, we had the pledge, introductions and announcements, after that we came back to the table and started testing our radios.


Darryl started teaching the kids Radio Merit Badge and soon thereafter we were giving the kids the radio's to talk on for their 10 minutes of “On-Air” time, which they needed for their badge.  This to me was great fun, to see the kids getting on the air most likely for their first time.  They all did great asking questions and using the proper etiquette on the air.  I think the best part was teaching the kids what to say and how to get on the air properly.  Several of the kids were really getting into chatting on the air.


All in all it was a great event; we had fun, got to talk to the kids, and got to teach the kids hopefully something they will remember for a long time.  





March 14, 2009

Blackwater Bluegrass and Barbecue Festival


In downtown Crestview on Main Street, Saturday March 14th.  Doug Simms, KI4YKK and Bob Murphy, KI4MEU, will need communication volunteers for the BBB starting at 6 a.m.

To help out contact Doug or Bob.  Volunteers will be needed throughout the day for communications. 






February 15, 2009


Today Steve-W6EOD built a 30m module for his Wilderness Sierra. This was his first attempt building a kit and it went very well. Follow this link to read more about it.   http://w6eod.blogspot.com


Great job Steve-W6EOD




February 7, 2009

Okaloosa County Hams Participated In Hurricane Shelter Orientation  


Bob, N4CU, coordinated our first combined ARES-American Red Cross Hurricane Shelter Orientation, which went very well this morning.  Bob, spoke on what was expected for hurricane shelter communicators.  Ken Cromer, Senior Director of Disaster Services gave a well informative PowerPoint presentation on the functions and mechanics of an approaching hurricane.  This was followed by simulated radio operation of "Hurricane Ham".  Bob said “We were pretty shaky executing communications during the hurricane exercise and Ken was very helpful in our efforts.” 


Bob, N4CU, praised all the hams that attended and helped with the presentation and the scenario.  He also gave thanks to the 5 Red Cross personnel that attended the CERT team member who made it up from the Ft. Walton area, and to those who loaned the programming hardware.  The Program hardware for the radios were finished by Steve, KB4OID and Richard, KB4BFX.    


A special thanks goes out to Okaloosa County Emergency Management, Randy McDaniel and Ken Wolfe, for loaning the radios to the CERT team and implementing outside antennas for the shelters.








February 5, 2009






Amateur Radio Class


Dave-WA2MVH is continuing his PJC course on Amateur Radio....

This will be for all Levels of Amateur Radio Exam Class.  From the beginner to someone wanting their Extra Class ticket... So If your interested or know of someone interested Please pass this information along.

Call PJC admissions for registration information or Dave Root at cell phone #

PJC course : R-04169

Section:  8000

Start & Finish date:   Feb 5th - May 11th 2009

Bldg 4   room 470

Days:  Monday & Thurs

Times:   06:30 P.M. - 08:00 P.M.




December 18, 2008

NOARC Tri-County Christmmas Party


Dec. 18th, we had a great Christmas party,  Not only did we have PARC, NOARC, and Twin-Cities clubs but we had ARRL North Florida Section Manager, club presidents from Walton County and Milton attending.  We had 56 hams, XYLs, and children.  Thanks to Bob Murphy, KI4MEU, for obtaining the Northbay Baptist Church that wonderful ham.  Thanks to Sally Walker, N4FQJ, for the food arrangements.  Thanks to everyone who made food and to Bob & Karen Benson, WA6VVA & KD4SRG, for the great turkey.  Also our 2009 Club Officers were elected as follows; Bob - N4CU (President), Cal - W4GHM (Vice-President), Glenn – KD4QBG (Secretary), Bob – KI4MEU (Treasurer), Cal – W4GMH (Activities Manager), and E.Y. – WB4CDR (Repeater Custodian).






October 25,2008




"Paxton Heritage Festival"


On October 25, 2008 The North Okaloosa Amateur Radio Club set up a booth at the Paxton Heritage Day in Paxton, FL.  The annual festival features displays  showcasing the life in northwest Florida in days gone by.  Displays included a sugar cane mill, a working dog demonstration, the Walton Guard, (A group of civil war re-en-actors) and booths by various handcraft vendors.   The NOARC booth consisted of promotional materials from the ARRL, static displays related to amateur radio, and Bob Walker N4CU’s collection of CW keys and Keyer.  Club members set up a two meter station and an HF station operating on 20 meters using a Buddy Pole portable dipole antenna provided by John Shaw N4WII.  Ron Mahn KI5FR provided the HF station and he and others made several out of country contacts from Estonia to Ecuador during an on air contest that was running during the event.  Shane KI4WBN made several 2 meter contacts as far away as Mississippi and Louisiana.  Members from the Playground Amateur Radio Club and the Walton County Radio Club came by the booth and we also had opportunities to meet the public and even some inactive hams.  Others in attendance were Dave KB4ET, Cal W4GMH, Phil N6COP, and Tina KI4ZIH.


Thanks to all those who participated and made NOARC’s involvement possible.   Special thanks also to Bill McRea K4QBH and the Paxton Ruritan Club for allowing us to have booth space for the event.  The food was great, and the weather was beautiful.  But nothing beats the fine fellowship we had with our fellow hams and the fun we had playing radio.



Bob Murphy-KI4MEU


October 18, 2008

North Okaloosa Amateur Radio Club Supports, Scouts JOTA and JOTI event Saturday October 18th.

(Click here for more Info)

(Click here for Photo's)



October 4, 2008



Chayne Sparagowski - KI4WBN, has just received his Eagle Badge; the highest rank a Scout can earn.  This badge represents everything the Scout has learned, everything the Scout has done, helping others, and helping himself.  


September 25, 2008  

Check out Harry "Bill" Pardue's-K4IBZ

"Home made CW keyer"







August 6, 2008


Thanks to Steve McCarter-KB4OID and JIM Potter-N4NID' S efforts we now have a 440 mhz D-STAR Repeater.  The 2 meter and Gateway functionality is a few weeks away yet.

The frequency is 444.600, +DUP and the call sign is "K4FWB".  However, for now you only need to put "CQCQCQ" in your call sign programing.

The D-STAR Repeater is located on the same tower as the Crestview Repeater (147.360).

So if you have the capability, dial up the 444.600 machine and check out your coverage. We are all looking forward to hearing you on the counties newest repeater.


April 12, 2008



Scout-O-Rama 2008

March 2008

Blackwater Bluegrass 2008


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