Archived Club Minutes 2008

August 28, 2008

Cal, W4GMH, conducted the meeting in the absence of club president, Bob, N4CU, and club vice president Steve, KE4VGB. 

Those in attendance were as follows:

Bob W5RE, Toby KG4AVJ, Claude KI4JDU, Lew KA4KMP, Steve W6EOD, Steve N4GXX, Bill K4QBH, Dave KB4ET, Glenn KD4QBG, Phil N6COP, Doug KI4YKK, Michael KJ4FNA, Ron KI5FR, Bob WA4VVA, Karen KD4SRG, Steve KB4OID, Chayne KI4WBN, Cal W4GMH, Jerry N8PXE,and Bob KI4MEU. 

Secretary Report:

Chayne, KI4WBN, read the minutes from the July meeting. The minutes were approved with corrections upon motion by Toby, KG4AVJ, and seconded by Phil, N6COP. 

Treasurers Report:

Toby, KG4AVJ, read the current bank balance, and noted that all figures matched current records. The report was approved upon motion by Glen, KD4QBG, and seconded by Doug, KI4YKK.

Activities Report:

Cal, W4GMH, noted there is a new repeater in Chipley, on the frequency of 146.625.

Repeater Report:

Cal, W4GMH, briefed us on the recent news with the generator. The generator had a bad circuit board, but the board has since been replaced and the generator is fully operational at this time. Cal has also noted that the batteries in the old repeater building need tot be taken out as soon as possible.

Training Report:

Ron, KI5FR, has said that an East Niceville CERT team is possible, but as of right now nothing is scheduled. There is a test session at PARC on July 13th.

Scout Report:

Chayne, KI4WBN, did the Eagle Project the weekend after the last meeting. The Eagle Scout Application has been sent and approved. More details as they come.

Old Business:

Cal, W4GMH, has noted that JOTA is in question. It doesn't seem there is enough interest to even host the event as usual. More information and a final decision will be made at the next meeting.

Paxton Heritage Day...Bob KI4MEU reported that we are looking at operating a station between the hours of 10am through 2pm.

Cal, W4GMH, found by a show of hands who would be interested in helping with communications for the Veterans Day Parade, and the Christmas Parade. A general interest was shown. He will take care of getting the specific details of what the city needs and wants us to do more. More details forthcoming at the September meeting.

New Business:

Cal, W4GMH, gave some more updated information on the equipment that is at the Courthouse and the equipment that was in storage. The tower still needs to be taken off the top of the Courthouse, pending the county approval of a time. The rest of the equipment Cal has in his personal storage. Nothing can be done on the Courthouse roof until after September 9th.

Steve, KB4OID, gave an update on the EOC. Instead of having a D-STAR repeater at the EOC, due to tower costs for an EOC installation, it was determined that we would get a D-STAR repeater on the Whitaker Communications repeater tower where the W4AAZ 144.67 repeater is located. It is expected to be installed shortly. There are some requirements that need to be met, but nothing major.

Pete from the Dorcas Fire District, has informed us that the tower we have in the back of the stations need to be 'professionally guyed' or taken down, per the Fire Commissioners in light of the possible impacts from Gustov, by the upcoming weekend, by noon on the 30th of August. It was determined that the project will be done on that day, at 8am. Bob, W5RE has said he is going to bring guy wires on Friday to the site, and Phil, N6COP will get the hardware.

Phil, N6COP, and Cal, W4GMH, gave a D-STAR presentation, after the conclusion of the business meeting at 20:00. Most of the members attended the after meeting rag chew at the newly re-opened Burger King on Highway 90 in Crestview.


Respectfully submitted by

Chayne Sparagowski - KI4WBN

Club Secretary

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