Archived Club Minutes 2008

July 24, 2008

The minutes from the June meeting were approved.

Bob, N4CU, gave the treasures report was given. All members were in favor.


Activities Report: Cal, W4GMH, It looks like we will have our next foxhunt around September.   October has JOTA. We were offered to assist with communications at the Veterans Parade Nov.8th, and the Christmas Parade Dec.6th. By a show of hands, amny said they would be willing to participate. The plans for this will come in the August meeting.

Club station-Cal, W4GMH. It’s unknown of the status of the club station. Cal, W4GMH, was able to acquire a metal equipment rack. We also have the ham equipment from the Okaloosa County Courthouse that has now been put into storage, or is at the Airport EOC. They can donate the equipment to us. The antennas up on the roof can go to us as well.

The guy wires for the club tower was put off until we can decide a date…at the next meeting. The


Repeater Report: Cal, W4GMH. The repeater is ready to go into the new building. The moving of equipment will take place this upcoming Saturday. The generator is also in operation.


Training Report: Ron, KI5FR, gave the training report. The classes went very well, both on the 14th at the Health Dept. and the 19th at the United Way Building.

Red cross/FEMA-Bob, N4CU. The Baker shelter had no communications at the last storm. No decisions were made.


Webmaster: Phil, N6COP, the website is full. We are looking at getting a new domain with, at a price of 4.95 per month. Basic info will be on the NOARC site, and the new site will be used for everything else. Glen, KD4QBG made a motion, Bob, KI4MEU seconded. The motion passed.


Old Business:

The ham brochure part 1 is done. It contains “Things Hams Ddo". The second brochure will contain "Other info"’.


New Business:

Chayne, KI4WBN, brought up his upcoming Eagle Project, which will happen at the meeting location on August 1st. Some materials were still needed, as were some people to help. 




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