Archived Club Minutes 2008

June 26, 2008

Those in attendance were as follows:

Ron, KI5FR; Phil, N6COP; Cal, W4GMH; Bob, W5RE; Lew, KA4KMP; Glen, KD4QBG; Toby, KG4AVJ; Bob, KI4MEU; Chayne, KI4WBN; Bob, N4CU, and 1 guest.


Secretary Report: Chayne, KI4WBN, read the minutes from the last meeting. Minutes were approved with corrections. All members in favor.


Treasurers Report: Toby, KG4AVJ, gave the report. There were some minor issues with the account, but all have been worked out. The bank and club match. All in favor, and was approved.


Training Report: Ron, KI5FR, gave the training report. We have an upcoming class at the United Way on the 19 of July. Testing will be the next week at the PARC clubhouse. Another class is a maybe at this point with CERT.

Foxhunt report: Cal, W4GMH, gave the foxhunt report. Due to the fact the last fox hunt had one fox and one hunter, it was decided that we will hold off the foxhunts until September or October.


Website Report: Phil, N6COP. There has been some effort to get a hold of the site owner, but no luck thus far.


Red Cross/FEMA Report: Bob, N4CU. It was determined the best way to handle the shelter situation is by an on call basis by telephone.  


Old Business:

All of those who ordered a vest, they are ready.


New Business:

There is a chance of getting a D-STAR unit, if more people are interested. It would likely be paid by those who want it, meaning the more want it, and pay, the cheaper per person it will be. The new section manager is attempting to get a grant for a D-STAR unit. Nothing is known on the status of that.

The rest of the meeting was devoted to Field Day.

Cal, W4GMH, gave the antenna and tower situation.  The antenna configuration, tower guying, and lightning protection were discussed.

Bob, N4CU, reviewed the ‘who’s bringing what’ list.

WinTest will be used for logging. Bob, N4CU, gave a basic explanation about WinTest, and how it works. A training session followed.


Chayne Sparagowski, KI4WBN


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