Scout O Rama 2008

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Members of the North Okaloosa Amateur Radio Club (NOARC) and the Playground Amateur Radio Club (PARC) worked together to take Amateur Radio to the Okaloosa County Scout-O-Rama on Saturday April 12th held at the NWF Fairgrounds property in Ft. Walton Beach.


KE4VGB-Steve was our overall project chairman. Friday N4CU-Bob, KI5FR-Ron, W4GMH-Cal and KE4KEM-Darryl set up a 40 meter dipole. This included putting up one of our new 30 foot zoom up masts.  Using WB4CDR- E.Y.’s Bow and arrow KE4VGB sent the fishing line up over a fairly tall pine tree. After a little tree and ladder climbing the dipole was ready to use.  See NOARC President Bob’s comments about the antenna below.


Helping out on Saturday were: Bob Murphy KI4MEU, Bob Walker N4CU, Brian Bates KG6ZLX, Mary Meade KG6ZLW, Ron Mahn KI5FR, Steve Mullins KE4VGB, Dylan Beck KI4MOC, Scott Morgan AC5LT. Mary and Brian brought an air card and radios, they had EchoLink, APRS and other items of interest.  Ron also had APRS. W6EOD-Steve and W4GMH-Cal and N6COP-Phil were available via the NOARC repeater.


Take some time to look at the photos taken Saturday by KI4MEU.   And look at the faces of those young scouts learning about Amateur Radio.   That makes our efforts worth all that we did.


The following was sent to KB4OID-Steve President ofPAARC officers  N4CU-NOARC President and  I felt it should be shared with all of you.


Cal Zethmayr


Activities Director-NOARC


Thanks for the support from the PARC club at the Scout-O-Rama.


We had the best antenna ever for a scout function.  This year we had a dipole at about 35 feet and could hear the YK9G DXpedition in Syria.  We could make all the SSB and CW contacts we wanted.   Cub scouts seem very interested in morse code.


Friday PARC club member Darryl Huddleston KE4KEM helped up put up the antenna and donated rope for top of the mast guys.   Saturday Dylan Beck KI4MOC supplied the 2 M station and ran the station for the day.  You helped by suggesting we pick up a PARC battery and loaning the battery connector.  Scott Morgan AC5LT was there, worked with the scouts, and helped with the Satellite efforts.  Darryl, Scott, and Dylan helped with the takedown.  Several of your club members were standing by on 2 M in case we needed them for the 10 minute air time merit badge requirement. We had APRS, HF and 2 Meter stations for three fixed stations and a portable satellite station.


We did run into some problems with our effort.  We worked around the power problem by shutting down everything while the scouts used their table saw.  The wind made it impossible to put up our displays and use table pass outs.  That probably reduced interest in our exhibit.  The cold seemed to reduce interest in the fox hunt.  The noise level in the pavilion made the CW practice oscillators hard to hear. 


From last year we learned to get the antenna up a day early, from this year we will learn to have counters for ambient conditions.


None of the problems dampened our enjoyment of the event.  We had a sense of satisfaction for the effort and the scout leaders were appreciative.


Please thank your club members at the next meeting for their help.


Bob, N4CU

President, North Okaloosa Amateur Radio Club.




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