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Special Announcement



New Okaloosa ARES Emergency Coordinator


Steve Strom, N4GXX, has now been appointed Okaloosa ARES EC by NFL SEC Steve Szabo, WB4OMM and I.  He has considerable disaster experience and has provided Skywarn communications for several years.   He is the repeater chairman for NOARC and maintains the 147.36 Mhz and DSTAR repeaters.


Thanks to Tony Blair, AK4ZI, for his service for the past year.  He took the task of EC when no one else volunteered for the responsibility.  He took EOC communications training for Emergency Support Function communicator and the necessary FEMA training.  He supervised the EOC for the 2013 county SET.  Unfortunately his work schedule and responsibilities required him to resign from the position of EC this year.  I want to thank him for his efforts over the past year and appreciate his need to concentrate on his work.  I realized there is immense job pressure at this time due to government cut backs.  I regret the losing Tony for this position.


Bob, N4CU

 NFL Panhandle ARES District Emergency Coordinator.





April 10, 2014

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See Photo's on April's NEWSLETTER

Also see photo's of June 2007 NOARC meeting   

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How often do you hear QSO's where both users are close enough to each other that they could QSY to a simplex Frequency to chat?  


2015 Club Dues


As we start a new year it’s time to support our club with its annual dues.  You can download our 2014 Club Application, (click here) and mail it to our new Treasurer Mark Hilliard - KA5NDH or bring your dues to our next club meeting.


Mark can be reached at email, or 

Mail to:  Mark Hilliard

              6009 Dairy Road

              Baker, FL. 32531



Phil, N6COP    






Florida Panhandle Frequencies

(Click Here) pdf



Bob - N4CU and Phil - N6COP


New Ham Brochure

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Satellite for Beginners 

Presented by Ron-KI5FR

   (Click here for .pdf file)



Help support your local repeater,

become a NOARC member!


$12.00 gets you Associate Privileges, (Non-voting member)


$20.00 gets you Full Privileges 


Regardless of which membership you choose the repeater access is free to anyone wishing to use it.  These dues are mainly to ensure the repeater remains free to the public.






Operates on 147.360 MHz with +100hz tone


The North Okaloosa Amateur Radio Club, Inc. (NOARC) is a service organization located in Crestview, Florida. It has members from Santa Rosa, Walton, and Okaloosa Counties in Florida and Covington County, Alabama.  During the club's history, members have supported the community numerous times by providing emergency communications and were often the only means of communication in and out of areas affected by disasters.  Club activities include participation each year in the American Radio Relay League sponsored Field Day event, hidden transmitter hunts, picnics, and hosting Technician Classes.  Our goal is to enjoy amateur radio and to introduce and promote the hobby to the public to ensure that there will always be a pool of well trained and well equipped hams ready to support our community when needed.




Special Announcements


Tower Laws


Cal-W4GMH, has put together key legal information on Towers for Amateur Radio Stations.


See "Legal Area" (above), for attached PDF Files that cover

1. ARRL PRB 1 Info Page

2. Chapter 7 of Okaloosa County Ordinances-read section 1.01.073

3. The Original FCC PRB-1 Ruling of 1985

4. An FCC 2000 ruling on CCR's that cites the PRB-1

5. Florida Tower Laws



Cal-W4GMH for this information.  




Satellite Flyby's


We have just added a new link for those who like to track satellites.  It's labeled "Satellite Flyby's"  click on it and put in your zip code.  It's as easy as that.



Tony-K4OZL from MARC and Cal-W4GMH for informing us of this website.





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